White Maximalism New Year Animated Socia

University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

College of Design Senior Exhibition


Fill in the

Summer 2020



Aeryn Austin-Elbaz | Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer


Allie Hamburg | Graphic Designer, Visual Problem Solver

Harsh Remembrance

Joe Price | Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Design Around Game Prototype

Man Kwan Tsai | Graphic Designer, Game Designer


Emma Maddock | Graphic Designer, Photographer


Brianna Tarantino| Graphic Designer

The Bully Pulpit

Ian Farnam | Type Design, Illustration, Photography

Cultural Appreciation vs. Appropriation

Tara Miko Sullivan | Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Brewpost Bike Delivery

Claire Johnston | Graphic Designer, Printer

Oh Plastic

Julie Ijima | Graphic Designer


Brittany Walker | Graphic Designer

Letters from South Asian Creatives

Zenab Kashif | Graphic Designer, Photographer

Attirant l’Attention

Andy Boysen | Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Print Maker

Bright or Dark

Monika Samuelsson | Graphic Designer

Internet Survival Guide

Alex Epstein | Graphic Designer


Madison Kuehn | Graphic Designer

© 2020 University of Minnesota College of Design Senior Exhibition

Fill in the blank is a student led virtual exhibition featuring original projects by the

UMN Senior Graphic Design Class of 2020.

Thank you for supporting our work.

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